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    Extra Animations
Our custom ventriloquist dummies can be made with extra animations for an additional cost.  
And they can perform a number of extra special effects!
But not all custom Dummy designs can do a variety of functions. A figure will normally come with moving mouth, eyes, and head standard. And ventriloquists will often add a couple of options more. When dreaming up what character you'd like us to build for you imagine what the character should do or what effect you'll use most often. It is well known that the most famous ventriloquists in the world had dummies that moved their mouth and eyes only. 
Special effects are usually used as "WOW" effects to catch the audience off guard such as wiggling ears or light up nose. We can also make figures do things not listed here. So give us a call to discuss what you're looking for and what ideas you have for your custom character.
Because at Dan Payes Puppetry...
                                                   "You Dream It We Build It". 

Moving eyes

Raising eyebrows

Self centering eyes

Crossing eyes



Stick out tounge

Wiggling ears

Smoke from ears

Light up nose

Hair raising effect

Crying effect

Twitching moustache

Hand shaker


Arm nudger

Arm Rod

Standing body (Dwarf or Standard size)

Standing folding body (folding for packing / storage)

Winker / Blinkers (Antique figure repair)
Uppper lip sneer (Antique figure repair)
Living mouth (Antique figure repair)

 Custom Ventriloquist Dummies come with a 90 day warranty. Any repairs are covered free of charge, (normal ones that is) within the 90 days.  If your dummy gets dropped off a building then it may not be covered. We haven't run tests on that scenario but I'm willing to bet they may not survive. But you get the idea. Shipping is not covered under this warranty and $29.00 is required to return figure properly packed with tracking and insurance. (International shipping is higher.) Contact Dan first and then only send the head if that's what needs to be repaired, or just the body as the case may be. For Ventriloquist figures out of warranty or antique figure repairs or upgrades: please contact Dan. (see homepage and click link to email Dan at: dppuppetry@earthlink.net)

Custom Ventriloquist Figures ordered through Dan Payes Puppetry usually do not include clothing. The rest of the character is up to you to customize in this respect. They normally wear size 3T clothing. 

A 50% deposit is required before a custom dummy is built. Deposit is non-refundable. Call or email to let us know what type of character you're looking for and exact prices for extra features etc. All custom dummies are individually built to your specifications therefore no refunds or exchanges are possible.

Most custom Dummies are completed within 6-8 weeks. 
All custom Dummies are built to order.
Please ask regarding our current lead time.

To order or for questions please call (909) 561-1777