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Stock Ventriloquist Dummies !

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Always in stock and ready to ship!
Choose from three characters!
Only $595.00 each !
plus $19.00 shipping.
(Email or call for shipping rates outside the U.S.)

Each dummy is handcrafted, right here in our shop!

They are made of resin and have hollow wooden bodies. They are hand built and hand painted.

Each dummy has a moving head, mouth, and eyes.

"Willoughby", has crossed eyes fixed in a loveable goofy position.

Each dummy is about 37" tall.

They come fully dressed. (clothing will vary but will always be of the highest quality available at the time) They usually ship within 5 business days.  

If you have ANY questions

or to place an order

please call Dan at (909) 561-1777

or just email at:


Delton !



A version of Delton was used in the movie Admission and he's also GARY in the Spectrum commercials !

Mr. Fleuger !


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A version of Mr. Fleuger was used in Modern Family as Uncle Grumpy !

Willoughby !


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A version of Willoughby was used in a Hyundai Commercial !